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Working together to reduce plastic littering and micro plastics

We are experiencing a severe threat to our planet and our health through a growing amount of micro plastics in our oceans. Blue Ocean Closures works on sustainable fiber-based material technologies and world class innovation as part of a global community of changemakers. We are working hard to reduce the excessive amount of plastics in packaging: While others do a fantastic job in finding better materials, light weighting, recycling, policy-making or cleaning up, our contribution is reducing plastics at the source. We do that in an area where few would have seen it as possible: Replacing plastic screw caps and other advanced re-closable packaging solutions.

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Fully biobased, ocean biodegradable and recyclable: Blue Ocean Closures are the first to develop an innovative concept for, fiber-based screw cap solutions. We achieve this through excellence in material know-how and a cost-effective production concept using advanced, proprietary vacuum press forming. Our technology enables state of the art definition and stability with the potential to offer fully functional and possible to drop in closure solutions. The design is a combination of a thin top-seal barrier layer, possible to combine with any type of filled goods and a body made of sustainably sourced FSC fiber material. Our process allows for a product that is biobased, ocean biodegradable and recyclable as paper.



Biobased, no microplastics and fully recyclable as paper. We help you as our strategic partners to fulfill your sustainability targets reducing single use plastics and move together into fully recyclable and biobased material solutions. With us, the technology frontier supporting sustainability has moved one step further. It will now be possible to replace plastic in some closures with truly sustainable materials. Long term, we see our technology expand into various areas, even advanced systems such as packaging for carbonated drinks. Offering a sustainable solution is all about a full product life cycle. In fact, forming the cap could be considered a manageable technology innovation - but the challenge is to offer a comprehensive analysis from raw material to end product. We offer a unique skillset including material design, sourcing, high volume production and recyclability verification. Achieving truly sustainable solutions means  a multi-disciplinary integration working with the best in the industry. We want to inspire others to imagine what can be possible in the future: Making fiber based products replacing such advanced systems as lids and screw caps is a true testament that we are on a technological breakthrough of creating impact and reducing our use of plastics.



Pioneering Partnership
Join global brand owners on a journey to a more sustainable world. Blue Ocean Closures mission is not only to bring a totally new and better type of closures to market but also to create a concept built on excellent world-class production that can compete on cost as well as in consumer preference and sustainability. If you and your company wish to be a pioneer and be a part of this innovation journey, we urge you to get in touch and learn more to see if there is a pioneering segment open for you to work with. Sharing the risk of being a pioneer also means sharing the benefit of learning, communicating and to be first out with an offer that will be really hard to match.



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