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Blue Ocean Closures joins 4evergreen alliance

Blue Ocean Closures is the Swedish start-up developing proprietary fiber-based screw caps who is now the 102nd member of the 4evergreen alliance. Together the members represent the entire life cycle for fiber-based packaging, working to develop tools and guidelines for an even more sustainable sector.

Community Manager, Ulrika Ganterud Evermark at Blue Ocean Closures sees the bigger picture;

As a small start-up we need to build on and be part of the community of people, businesses and other organisations in society striving to make a real difference in sustainability. With our innovative closures we can contribute to reducing plastics in packaging and reducing climate effects. Joining 4evergreen is a great opportunity to be part of a cross-industry alliance focusing on sustainability and circularity.

As a cross-industry alliance, 4evergreen fosters synergies among companies promoting low-carbon and circular fibre-based packaging. The goal is to raise the overall recycling rate of fibre-based packaging to 90 % by 2030.

Recyclability is key for Blue Ocean Closures and Caroline Locre, Project Manager, affirms;

We are convinced that fibre-based packaging is the future and look forward to contributing to the alliance and reaching global, practical solutions that make sense for the whole value chain, the customers, and our planet.

From leading brand owners, to packaging producers, designers, recyclers, and researchers, our members at 4evergreen represents the whole fibre-based packaging industry. This is the unique added value of our alliance – says Susanne Haase, Program Director of the 4evergreen alliance. We are extremely pleased to welcome a start-up like Blue Ocean Closures, with its disruptive and innovative ideas. Together, we will make huge steps towards perfecting the circularity of fibre-based packaging.

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