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Introducing potent cap replacement

An estimated 135 billion carton board packages with plastic caps are used for liquids and consumed globally every year. Now – Blue Ocean Closures is introducing an innovative and competitive alternative cap – recycable as paper.

The solution has been developed and adapted specifically for aseptically packaged products such as long life dairy, juices, plant based drinks and soups.

Our over-cap made of fiber-based material has a great fit to these products, since already the carton board is recyclable as paper, so should of course the cap be too. Even if the cap is a small part of the package, if you consider the sheer volumes, the solution we are offering can make a significant impact.

Ola Tönnberg, CCO, Blue Ocean Closures AB

The groundbreaking technology Blue Ocean Closures is developing, enables brand owners and fillers to further reduce environmental impact by using a solution with less plastic and lower carbon footprint in their packaging. The over-cap for aseptic liquid cartons is a drop-in solution, meaning it is easy to replace the current cap in producers’ existing systems. 

The solution is particularly fit for aseptic two step openings (type pull-ring) from different suppliers and adds yet another sustainability benefit to aseptic carton packages.

Moving forward we are eager to build relationships with potential partners, anticipating first volumes to reach the market early 2025.

Ola Tönnberg, CCO, Blue Ocean Closures AB

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