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We work with nature, not against it

We believe in

Green technology

Global impact

Protecting the enviroment

Going green is profitable


A small part that matters an ocean

Blue Ocean Closures is set up to reduce plastics and carbon footprint, helping customers and consumers reduce the effects of littering and global warming. We realize that focusing on our key segments is a small part of a bigger community dedicated to these global challenges. We have high respect for the industry reducing fossil plastics through redesign and recycling, for policymakers setting the goals and directions for new products and innovation, for NGOs informing or cleaning up oceans, for fellow startups and entrepreneurs bringing out new innovations, and for consumers that with their choices in everyday life make efforts to reduce and recycle.

Packaging and closures are items prone to ending up as litter. In fact, closures are among the 3-5 most common items found on European beaches. Ocean plastics that break down to microplastics, particles small enough to penetrate into our food chains and bodies are a true global challenge. Plastic waste is transported all over the world and ocean streams connect far apart parts of the planet within months.

We help you fulfill your sustainability targets reducing single use plastics.

From fossil plastics to fiber-based

Materials from Nature

The exact effects of transferring from fossil plastics to our fiber-based materials depends on the application, but typically the carbon footprint can be reduced up to 9 times. As transports turn into electrified or biobased solutions, a growing part of the fossil carbon footprint comes from plastics. Creating biobased and recyclable solutions that can slow down this growth trend and with time turn it around is essential to reach the global sustainability goals. Our contribution is direct with development and offers of products and materials and indirect we hope to make our contribution even bigger trough inspiring others and increasing knowledge.

There are more benefits as we, together with others, turn to forming cellulose fibers with dry processes. The technology significantly lowers the energy and water consumption and we have still only scratched the surface of what this technology can do. Important steps going forward are to reduce the pretreatment and use even more of the fibers. In the future we can include other fiber sources than wood and use recycled fibers for nonfood applications. This will help balance the available forest raw material with the growth and advantages of the technology.


Blue Ocean Closures AB is certified via membership in PanCert AB group for traceability CoC PanCert AB PanCert – Certifiering i hela landet

The certificate can be found here, with certification code Gruppcertifikat FSC CoC FSC Certifikat

Information about the company can be found in the certification database FSC database FSC Public Certificate Search | FSC Connect

If criticising our traceability please contact the company Query regarding traceability fulfilment Klagomål – PanCert

Blue Ocean Closures Sustainability Policy